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The presence of many churches of different denominations isn't rare in the Eastern Township villages. The uniqueness here is their concentration as a unit in the heart of the village. In itself, this original almagamation testifies of Kinnear's Mills part, once upon a time, as a service center and of the conviviality and of the feeling of tolerance always conveyed by its inhabitants.

Comes summer, the four churches are opened to visitors (methodist, catholic, united and anglican). Heritage Kinnear's Mills will gladly give you more details about it during guide tour.

Heritage Kinnear

Heritage site classified by the Government of Québec in 2012

Directory of Québec's Cultural Heritage


Tombstone in the 5 Cantons Cemetery

List of people buried in this cemetery (Update 2019) (99 Ko)

Video : (Courtesy of Mr. Renaud Cloutier)

to the memory of
Jane Carroll
who departed this life
the 18 of febry 1849 aged 22 years
may the lord have mercy on her soul
sweet Jane lies hear
love object dear
joy of her father and her mother
her actions pure
did still secure
love her sister, friend and brother
her gentle mein
has always been
the sign of conscience undefiled
her every act
declared the fact
that she was virtuous darling child
on christien stay
kneel down and pray
for the soul which hence has taken flight
from your heart implore
that ever more
she may enjoy celestial light




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