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Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a recently married young couple looking for a place they could call ‘the paradise on earth'. They obviously knew that it did not exist but the young lady decided to tease her grandfather, whom she loved tenderly, by asking him a few questions regarding such an idyllic place, under the amused look of her partner.

“Tell me, grandfather, I would like to settle in a place where I could find nearby a lot of services such as a pharmacy, a hospital, a library, a shopping centre and a grocery store.” The grandfather smiled. The answer was easy: all big cities could offer her that.

But as he was about to answer, the young lady added: “at less than 20 minutes' drive and without traffic jams”. The situation was becoming more complicated but the grandfather thought of the big cities suburbs. Mischievously his granddaughter asked for more: “and a school not far from our home, a safe environment for our future children and even a park where they can have fun.”

While the grandfather was thinking about finding a dream place, his granddaughter tried to befuddle him completely by adding: “Since we love nature, we would need to have access to walking paths close by with a clear stream flowing along the trail, fish, animals such as deer and hares, and birds, many birds.” She was laughing out loud knowing very well that such a place could not exist.

The grandfather was still trying to find answers to satisfy the unrealistic demands of his granddaughter. He was thinking that such a place must have existed a long time ago, at another time, but today's reality was mainly traffic jams, pollution, noise, violence, insecurity… Large teards flooded the face of the poor grandfather who suddenly realized what kind of world his generation had passed on to its descendants.

The young woman was moved; she turned to her young husband and saw a large smile growing on his face. He said: “You know, my darling, this peaceful heaven exists; it is called KINNEAR'S MILLS.” And since that time, they settled there to raise their family and live happily because this municipality was offering them all they needed to fill their desires.

Paul Vachon

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