Message from the Mayor


In the region of Chaudière-Appalaches, on route 269 north of the city of Thetford Mines, is a municipality with a past rich in memories : Kinnear's Mills. The history of our municipality is marked by the multiple origins of its inhabitants. Moreover, even if over time Francophones have become more present there, an English speaking community is still present and involved. This is why, we still find there today, on the same street corner, four churches of different religious denominations (Presbyterian, Anglican, Methodist and Catholic). The special character of this historic site is highlighted thanks to the community group called Héritage Kinnear's Mills, whose activities make it possible to access and preserve all the richness of our history. You will also find our municipality on the historic circuit of Craig and Gosford roads. 

Still today, the economy of the municipality has a mainly an agricultural character. We therefore find dairy, egg, beef, pork and maple production there, as well as, a few well-established businesses. Although our mountains are full of maple trees, we must add that apple trees also occupy a special place. Moreover, we must not forget our many apple growers who are happy to open their doors each fall so that you can harvest your apples yourself. This website, although it is an essential tool for consulting the latest and municipal information, will also provide you with more information on our main tourist attractions. Take the time to browse the different sections to find out more about them and find out about our activities. Don't forget to take a detour to the Heritage Kinnear's Mills website for details and schedules of its activities. 

I therefore invite you to come and visit our beautiful village in order to discover its many attractions and to see the pride and the feeling of belonging of its residents. Come and explore our hiking trails and enjoy the mountain landscape and the tranquility that the Osgood River valley offers you. And don't hesitate to stay at Camping Soleil located a few steps from the village!

Marquis Bédard


M. Marquis Bédard

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