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Municipalité de Kinnear's Mills

120, rue des Églises
Kinnear's Mills (Québec)  G0N 1K0
Tél. : 418 424-3377
Fax : 418 424-0119

Executive Director :

Coordinator :

Town planner :

Business hours

Monday to Wednesday : 8 h 30 to 12 h 00 and 12 h 30 to 16 h 00
Thursday : 9 h 00 to 12 h 00

General director and secretary-treasurer
Ms. Claudette Perreault

418 424-3377

Activities service
Ms. Josyane Dufresne-Dubois 

418 424-0082

M. Marquis Bédard
418 332-6036

Road inspector
M. David Hogan
418 424-0082


A photocopy and telecopy service is also offered for a minimal fee.

Write us

Building and Environmental Inspector
M. David Mercier
418 424-3783

Renting of the municipal community hall
Ms. Claudette Perreault

418 424-3377

Local For Seniors and Youth
418 424-0327

Fire permit

Chief fireman
M. Roger Gosselin

418 332-0825

M. Germain Payeur
418 424-3370

Winter road maintenance
M. Roger Gosselin

418 332-0825

M. Robert Sanfaçon
418 951-4972

Advisory committees

Roads, beautification and civil security
M. Robert Sanfaçon

418 951-4972

Civil security, fire and roads
M. Roger Gosselin
418 332-0825

Family and MADA committee, culture and Heritage
Ms. Joanne Labranche
418 424-3143

Leisure and park, coordination and communications
Ms. Marisol Brochu

581 724-0085

Culture, heritage and derogation committee, English-speaking community
M. James Allan

418 424-0912

Planning, urban planning and environment
M. Carl Dubois
418 332-7076


Executive Director

Mrs. Claudette Perreault 


  • Plan, organize and control the activities of the municipality
  • Management of public funds
  • Administration of the municipality

Development Coordinator

Ms. Josyane Dufresne-Dubois 

  •  Organize events
  •  Write the journal of the municipality
  •  Responsible for applications
  •  Coordinate skating rink and the kids at the playgrounds
  •  Responsible for the communication and promotion

 Building and Environment Inspector 

 Mr. David Mercier 


  •  Give permits and certificates
  •  Responsible for enforcement and compliance municipal urban planning (zoning, subdivision, construction, land maintenance by-law and deals with minor exemptions)
  •  On the Urban Planning Advisory Committee

Road inspector

Mr. David Hogan


  •  Conduct inspection of municipal infrasctructure and recommend work to be done
  •  Ensure the operational quality of the equipement, machinery, tools and control inventories

Daily worker

Mr. Jean-Pierre Turgeon


  •  Maintain municipal land (mowing, cleaning, weeding, etc.)
  •  Perform earthworks, landscaping and decorations
  •  Maintain municipal buildings and walking trails